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With healthy eating becoming an ever-greater concern for parents and educators, many young people have a concept of "eating right" but not a vision of what that looks like in practice. This series gives young readers the health information and practical tools they need to make better food decisions and eat a balanced diet that includes all five food groups. With titles focused on each of the food groups, as well as a title centered on balanced eating, these books give young readers the tools they need to choose nutritious foods and begin a life-long commitment to health.


ISBN 978-1-4222-3094-7
6 volumes
8 1/2 x 11 inches
Lisa Albers Prock, MD, MPH, FAAP
Developmental Medicine Center, Children's Hospital Boston
* Each of the titles in this informative series has the same goal--to introduce and promote a balanced diet for children.
* Grounded in the USDA's MyPlate model, each book features a major food group.
* Bold, bright, colorful photos accompany explanations, making them easier to understand.
* Sidebars can be found in almost every chapter augmenting the dietary information presented.
* This series also includes extra features such as "text-dependent questions" which are designed to send the reader back to the text for more attention to facts presented, as well as a "words to understand" section prior to each chapter which is designed to increase the reader's understanding.
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* Created with help from a consultant who is a pediatrician and professor at Harvard Medical School, this series provides a thorough overview of different food groups: where they come from and what role they play in our overall health.
* Suggested research projects are strong and engaging. Students can do research to find out the closest place where beans, nuts, and seeds are grown.
* ...the charts are phenomenal; one shows how many ounces of protein people need at different ages, while another lists the iron, carbohydrates, sugar, potassium, and other nutrients found in 20 different fruits.
* ...this is a very smart, readable series.
School Library Journal
Each of these volumes focuses on a food group (proteins, grains, dairy, fruits, vegetables), with one volume about the five food groups as a whole. Each book follows a pattern, opening with a short introduction, then explaining how food comes to the table--from the farm, to factory, to store. The next chapters delve into why people should eat that particular food group. It outlines the nutrition facts label and the nutrients gained, and then why and when one should limit consuming that particular food group. The fourth chapters in each volume explain how to use choosemyplate.gov to plan healthy meals and then summarize other healthy habits, such as exercising and balancing the five food groups. Following is a chapter listing healthy snack suggestions and fast food choices. Finally, the last chapter places everything into perspective, discussing health in general, a healthy diet, and, briefly, diabetes and other diet-related diseases.

Though sometimes breaking grammatical rules, the authors use simple narrative language that is engaging, concise, and easy to understand. The sidebars and illustrations supplement the text well and the research project suggestions are especially useful for students and teachers. Although some information is repeated from one title to the next, the information distinct to the topic of the volume is enough for a short report. This is recommended for middle school teachers and students.
Building a Healthy Diet with the 5 Food Groups
by Kim Etingoff

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3095-4 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8786-6 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
We all need to eat! But making healthy food choices can be tough. To be healthy, we can't eat only our favorite foods. We need to eat some foods from each of the five food groups: dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. Learn about all five food groups and find out why each is so important to a healthy life. Discover why eating a balanced diet is one of the best ways to lose weight, stay in shape, and keep your body healthy--and how you can do just that!

My Daily Diet: Dairy
by Rosa Waters

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3096-1 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8787-3 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Whether we're drinking a glass of milk, eating a grilled cheese sandwich, or enjoying a yogurt, most of us eat a lot of dairy. But why is having dairy foods every day an important part of a balanced diet? Discover the story that lies behind each glass of milk and slice of cheese--and learn how to make smarter, healthier food choices every day!

My Daily Diet: Fruits
by Rosa Waters

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3097-8 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8788-0 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Apples, bananas, oranges--there are so many fruits to choose from! But what makes fruit such a healthy food choice? Find out more about fruit: where it comes from, how it gets to your plate, and why it is such an important part of a healthy, balanced diet. Learn how much fruit you should be eating each day--and how you can make healthy food choices a part of your life!

My Daily Diet: Grains
by Rosa Waters

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3098-5 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8789-7 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
From bread to pasta to cereal, most of us eat a lot of grains. But why is eating food from the grain food group so important? Find out more about grains and how they keep your body healthy. Discover where grains come from and how they get from farms to factories, from stores to your plate--and learn some easy ways to make grains part of your daily diet!

My Daily Diet: Proteins
by Celicia Scott

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3099-2 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8790-3 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Meat, beans, and fish all contain protein, an important part of a balanced diet. But why is eating protein each day so important? Find out more about the protein food group and why your body needs protein to stay healthy. Learn where we get most of our protein and how it ends up on our plates. Discover how to make sure you're eating enough protein every day!

My Daily Diet: Vegetables
by Celicia Scott

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3100-5 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8791-0 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Someone, sometime, has probably told you, "Eat your vegetables"! But do you know why eating vegetables every day is so important? Find out how vegetables make your body healthier. Learn how vegetables like potatoes and peas, cabbage and corn, broccoli and beets get from the farm to your table--and discover why eating vegetables as part of a balanced diet is the best way to stay healthy!

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