Downside of Drugs

Todays students have likely heard the advice to "Just Say No" to drugs and alcohol, but many young people's education about drug and alcohol use stops there. Using a highly visual, question-and-answer format, this series explores the life-altering consequences that can stem from drug and alcohol use from the health risks associated with smoking, drinking, or doing drugs to the legal repercussions of drug use. Each title in this series focuses on a different drug, from hard drugs like cocaine and heroin to prescription pills that young people are abusing more and more, using images and well-organized bite-size pieces of text to explore the serious risks that go along with these dangerous substances.


ISBN 978-1-4222-3015-2
11 volumes
8 1/2 x 11 inches
Dr. Joshua Borus
Harvard Medical School
* This series is designed to attract younger readers and to help them understand exactly what each drug can do to their bodies.
* The author has included eye-catching color photographs, artwork, and charts to accompany the text.
* If the substance being discussed can be deadly, the author has included a paragraph about what to do if someone has overdosed; the same paragraph appears in all the relevant volumes.
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* Dr. Joshua Borus from Harvard Medical School wrote an introduction to this series that appears in the front of each book. It is a thoughtful piece of writing, aimed at young teens, and it talks about getting older and having more freedoms; about having choices and how to make sure one has enough information and has put enough thought into things in order to make good choices. It explains that this series of books offers information about drugs so that teens who read these books will have the knowledge and ability to make smart choices.
* Each book has sixteen chapters, each chapter is no more than two pages long, and at the end of each title, there is a glossary, an index, a list of photo credits, a short book list "For Further Reading", and a short list of websites where you can "Find Out More On The Internet." Each book covers the chemical makeup of the drug in question, and explores how taking it affects the brain and body. The authors touch on why the drug might seem like a good thing, but then write about all the downsides, from the physical to the emotional to the legal.
* The aptly named Downside of Drugs series offers teens information about commonly abused drugs in hopes that it will deter their use.
* ...offers a sensible introduction by Joshua Borus, physician and instructor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, suggesting that young people plan their response to drug offers ahead of time, arming themselves with information about use and abuse.
* Each title introduces a class of drugs, describes their effects on young human bodies and brains, and offers specific examples. The authors go on to explain why these drugs are addictive, why they might be abused, how readers can recognize abuse, and each drug's legal status. Finally, they cover what happens when the drugs and alcohol are used together and other particular questions.
* Except in Caffeine, each includes a page with numbers to call in case of overdose or overdose questions.
* Each spread is a single chapter, presented in a few paragraphs
* Written with a Harvard Medical School consultant, this series discusses drugs in a tone that is appropriately sober yet not alarmist or condescending. The authors demonstrate empathy toward teens and the pressures they face.
* ...many diagrams convey useful content, including a diagram in Dangerous Depressants and Sedatives that shows parts of the body affected by depressants and another one demonstrating how the chemicals impact the brain.
* Readers will absorb vast amounts of information through the text and the sidebars, which lend themselves to discussion and further research.
* ...this series is mostly well written and expertly researched.
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ADHD Medication Abuse: Ritalin®, Adderall®, & Other Addictive Stimulants
by Rosa Waters

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3016-9 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8802-3 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
People with ADHD--attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder--can be helped by medications such as Ritalin™ and Adderall™. Alternatively, other young adults are abusing these same drugs to their own detriment. Discover the true consequences of ADHD medication abuse, including the many health risks of taking these drugs. Learn how abusing ADHD medication can change your life for the worse. Discover the downside of ADHD medication abuse!

Alcohol & Tobacco
by Rosa Waters

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3017-6 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8803-0 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Paperback ISBN 978-1-4222-3190-6 $10.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Most young adults know that alcohol and tobacco aren't good for them--but they may not know the real-life consequences of using these harmful substances. From coughing to cancer, from alcohol poisoning to problems with your liver, alcohol and tobacco can cause serious damage to your health. Smoking and drinking also do damage to your relationships with others and can land you in trouble with the police. Find out more about the dangerous consequences of alcohol and tobacco use. Discover the downside of alcohol and tobacco!

Caffeine: Energy Drinks, Coffee, Soda, & Pills
by Celicia Scott

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3018-3 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8804-7 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
People around the world consume coffee, tea, energy drinks, soda, and pills that contain caffeine, without a thought for the consequences the caffeine may have on their lives. For young adults, these consequences are even more serious. With a vast industry targeting its marketing at young people, educating yourself is the essential first step to counter caffeine's possible effects on your life, from sleep problems to addiction. Discover the true effects of caffeine on your body. Learn about the downside of caffeine!

Dangerous Depressants & Sedatives
by Celicia Scott

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3019-0 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8805-4 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Depressants and sedatives can be very dangerous even when prescribed by a doctor. These drugs can hurt your body and brain, and they can land you in trouble with the police. They're even more dangerous because they're so addictive. Find out the true risks of taking these drugs. Discover the downside of depressants and sedatives!

Doping: Human Growth Hormone, Steroids, & Other Performance-Enhancing Drugs
by Celicia Scott

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3020-6 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8806-1 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
You may have heard of famous sports stars being caught doping--using drugs to hit harder, cycle faster, or run faster. But you may not know why these drugs are so dangerous. From scary changes in your body and behavior, to problems with the law, performance-enhancing drugs bring with them serious consequences. Learn about the ways steroids, human growth hormone, and other drugs damage and change your body. Find out how these drugs can ruin your life and keep you from participating in the activities you love. Discover the downside of doping!

Hard Drugs: Cocaine, LSD, PCP, & Heroin
by Celicia Scott

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3021-3 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8807-8 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, LSD, and PCP can hurt your body and change the way your mind works. And it only takes trying these drugs once to put you at risk. Discover the true consequences of using the world's most dangerous drugs. Learn how hard drugs damage your mind and body, and how they can get you in trouble with the law. Find out about the downside of hard drugs!

Marijuana: Legal & Developmental Consequences
by Rosa Waters

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3022-0 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8808-5 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
You may have heard that marijuana is a "safe" drug. In some parts of the United States, it's even legal and while a debate continues regarding recreational and medical use, research still conclusively confirms the devastating effect on a young, undeveloped adolescent brain. Using marijuana can have very real and very scary consequences for your body and your future. Discover the true dangers of using marijuana. Find out how marijuana can hurt your relationships with the people you love and keep you from doing your best in school. Learn the downside of marijuana!

Methamphetamine & Other Amphetamines
by Rosa Waters

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3023-7 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8809-2 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous drugs available today. Meth and other amphetamines can seriously damage your body, ruin your relationships, and lead to prison and even death. Discover the true risks of these drugs, including the many awful effects they can have on your body, from rotting teeth to problems with your organs and brain. Find out how meth has ruined so many lives. Learn the downside of methamphetamine and other amphetamines!

New Drugs: Bath Salts, Spice, Salvia, & Designer Drugs
by Celicia Scott

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3024-4 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8810-8 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Some young adults think new drugs like spice, bath salts, or salvia are safe. In some cases, they're even legal. But what many young adults don't know is that these drugs are just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than the illegal drugs that have been around for much longer. Some of these drugs are so new that no research has been done on how safe they are to take, so no one is even sure just how dangerous they really are. Discover the true risks of taking these new drugs. Read the scary real-life stories of people who've used these drugs and had to deal with awful consequences. Learn the downside of these new drugs!

Over-the-Counter Medications
by Rosa Waters

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3025-1 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8811-5 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Though you probably know the risks of using illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin, you might not know just how dangerous many over-the-counter medications can be when abused or taken incorrectly. Cough syrups, diet pills, sleeping pills, and other over-the-counter medications can be just as dangerous as many illegal drugs. Learn more about the true risks of taking these readily available drugs. Discover the downside of over-the-counter medications!

Prescription Painkillers: Oxycontin®, Percocet®, Vicodin®, & Other Addictive Analgesics
by Rosa Waters

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3026-8 $20.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8812-2 $26.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Just because a drug is legal, doesn't mean it's safe to abuse it. Abusing prescription painkillers like OxyContin®, Percocet®, and Vicodin® is no safer than trying much harder drugs. These drugs are being vastly abused and represent one of today's largest drug epidemics. Discover the real consequences of taking prescription painkillers to get high. Learn about the damage these pills can do to your body and how you can develop an addiction to painkillers. Find out about the downside of prescription painkillers!

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