Extreme Survival in the Military

Around the world, militaries from different nations must be trained to survive in every possible situation, from volatile oceans to blistering deserts. This series teaches young readers about how Special Forces soldiers can cope with the harshest of environments and most chaotic situations using a number of different tools and tactics. Young readers will explore the worlds most remote and dangerous locales, all while learning about how the worlds top soldiers beat the odds and survive where few others could.


ISBN 978-1-4222-3081-7
12 volumes
7 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches
Colonel John Carney, Jr.
USAF-Ret President and the CEO of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Learning Mental Endurance for Survival
by Chris McNab

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Elite Special Forces units are often assigned to the most difficult missions. They must be prepared for the challenges they will face. This means being skilled and physically fit, but it also means being mentally tough. During most basic-training programs, recruits will be yelled at by instructors, deprived of sleep, and forced to run for miles. Under these difficult conditions, they will be required to make constant decisions. Only the toughest recruits will graduate, and they need certain traits to make it through: * intelligence * self-control * courage * knowledge * resistance to pain and discomfort * team spirit

Ropes & Knots for Survival
by Patrick Wilson

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When you're in a survival situation, a rope can be useful or even vital. Knowing how to use a rope well in many ways and knowing how to tie a variety of knots can help with many things in the wilderness, from building a shelter to catching animals to eat. In addition, it's an indispensible skill to have if you need to climb up or descend a mountain. Soldiers around the world are trained to use ropes and knots in survival situations. In this book, you'll take a look at some of the techniques the best soldiers in the world practice, including: * how to take care of ropes. * the most useful knots to use in a survival situation. * how to make your own ropes from animal tendons or plants. * how to use your rope effectively. * how to lash together a raft made of saplings or logs.

Survival at Sea
by Chris McNab

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Elite soldiers must know how to survive in every environment, including if they're stranded on the harshest ocean. Special Forces units trained to survive at sea are some of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to a survival situation in the ocean. In this book, you will learn some of the techniques these soldiers use to stay alive at sea. You can learn from their training and discover: * what to do when a shark attacks. * how to tell when a storm is coming. * how to swim so that you save energy. * how to signal for help in the middle of the ocean. * how to treat a jellyfish sting. * how to build a raft out of logs or saplings.

Survival Equipment
by Patrick Wilson

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Being in the Special Forces means you will be taken all over the world for some of the most difficult missions, often to unfriendly places and dangerous regions. Elite soldiers must be trained to survive anywhere, whether in the endless deserts of Africa or the freezing tundra of the Arctic. Soldiers need to know how to survive for weeks or even months at a time. They must also know how to survive with as few supplies as possible; after all, in the wilderness, you can't drop by the store to resupply! Find out what equipment elite soldiers need to have with them to survive. Discover how to improvise equipment using only the natural resources around you. Learn: * what clothing to wear in hot and cold climates. * what equipment to carry. * what a survival tin is and what's inside it. * how to make your own tools and clothing. * how to survive hostile terrains.

Survival First Aid
by Patrick Wilson

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Elite soldiers often operate in hard-to-reach locations or far behind enemy lines. If one of them is injured, medical attention is rarely readily available. For this reason, soldiers must be trained to treat injuries themselves. This book will show you how to treat some of the most common injuries and illnesses that you're likely to get in the wilderness. Whether it's a small problem like a blister or a major health concern like a heart attack, it's important to know how to deal with any injury or medical problem. Learn how to: * treat someone who has eaten a poisonous plant. * set broken legs after a climbing fall. * deal with hypothermia, when the body's temperature drops dangerously low. * provide treatment for severe burns. * stop a person from bleeding to death.

Survival in the Wilderness
by Chris McNab

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Most people find themselves out in the wilderness at some point in their lives, even if they're just heading out for a camping trip. If the worst happens and you're stranded away from civilization, it's important to know how to survive. The elite forces of the world are trained to survive in the most hostile of environments. They can teach you some of the techniques they use and equipment that you'll need. Some of the tips they offer include: * Use swarming insects to tell you where water can be found. * Determine whether a plant is poisonous by the color of its berries. * Move wet stones away from a fire (they can explode). * Don't build a shelter too close to a river (it could flood). * Make signals by cutting out shapes in vegetation.

Surviving by Trapping, Fishing, & Eating Plants
by Patrick Wilson

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Elite forces are often assigned to secret missions behind enemy lines, which means they have to spend time in the wilderness. They need to be prepared to live off the land for long periods of time to keep from being detected. Therefore, an important part of elite soldiers' training is how to live in remote areas and how to get food from the plants and animals around them. Discover some of the ways in which the armed forces survive in these conditions. Learn: * how to set traps to catch small animals like weasels and rabbits. * which fish can be caught with an improvised line and bait. * which plants and fungi can be eaten. * how to spot poisonous flora and fungi.

Surviving Captivity
by Chris McNab

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During a time of war, pilots face the risk of being shot down behind enemy lines and captured. For this reason, each pilot receives training to help him endure the stresses of captivity. During an interrogation, this training and the pilot's own strength and willpower are invaluable. This book discusses many of the techniques used to survive the experience of being in captivity. A captive pilot must be prepared to cope with boredom, resist interrogation, and work as a team with other prisoners. In addition, he must know how to go about escaping if he has the opportunity. Discover: * how some U.S. pilots in Vietnam coped with seven years of imprisonment. * how interrogators try to trick people into talking. * how interrogators are trained to detect lies. * survival techniques during escape. * tracking skills used by escaping pilots and the pursuing enemy.

Surviving Hostage Rescue Missions
by Chris McNab

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When the lives of hostages are on the line, the soldiers of elite hostage-rescue units must act quickly and with skill. In a chaotic situation, soldiers must rely on their training, and each other, to save lives in danger. Take a look at how elite hostage-rescue units operate. Find out about the equipment that elite soldiers use and the training they must undergo. Learn about the different skills elite soldiers use, including: * fast-entry tactics through doors and windows using explosives. * building attacks using assault ladders and mountain-climbing techniques. * rescues from inside an aircraft. * negotiation techniques to calm a situation. * clues that tell when a terrorist is lying.

Surviving Natural Disasters
by Patrick Wilson

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Many people experience a natural disaster at some point in their lives. Whether it's a tornado powerful enough to tear a building apart or a wildfire destroying an entire forest in a matter of hours, it's important to know how to survive in these situations. Regardless of what kind of natural disaster you might encounter, you need to be prepared. Learn some of the ways in which elite soldiers around the world deal with these terrifying events. Discover how to tell when certain disasters are about to strike, as well as how to respond during and after the disaster. This includes: * what to do when a tidal wave is approaching. * how to prepare your home for floodwaters. * what to do if a forest fire traps you. * how to shield yourself from massive lava bombs released by volcanoes. * how to survive mudslides.

Surviving the World's Extreme Regions: Desert, Arctic, Mountains, & Jungle
by Chris McNab

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eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8784-2 $29.95 (USD) Add To Cart
The world's elite soldiers can survive in the worst of conditions, whether the extreme heat of the desert or the snowy summit of a mountain. These units are trained to be experts in warfare, but their training also gives them the knowledge to live in the planet's wildest places for weeks at a time. Learn the techniques the world's finest soldiers use to survive in harsh conditions around the globe. Discover a variety of tips for surviving in barren deserts and freezing tundra. Find out how elite troops cope with danger and deprivation. You will also learn: * how to find water and food. * how to build shelters. * how to navigate. * how to perform first aid. * how to identify and avoid dangerous animals and insects.

Surviving with Navigation & Signaling
by Patrick Wilson

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eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8785-9 $29.95 (USD) Add To Cart
In any survival situation, you need to know where you are and where you're heading. If you get lost, you'll waste valuable time and energy--time that could be spent getting to safety or getting help.

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