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This lavishly illustrated series presents the wonder and variety of cultural activities and influences, from design to myths and legends, from the performing arts to music, from religions to literature. Children will appreciate the accessibility and immediacy of the fact-packed text, the history panels, the illustrated statistical tables, as well as case histories that help bring to life this fascinating and important subject.


ISBN 978-1-59084-474-8
7 volumes
10 & up
8 1/8 x 11 1/2 inches
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Clark County School District
by Antony Mason

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Art is all around us-in the buildings we see, advertising on city streets, and photographs in books and magazines. These visual images are interpreted by people in different ways. From glorious Minoan murals dating from the second century, through to modern wall paintings and mosaics, art is all about personal taste. Art will introduce you to a world rich in beautiful color images, fascinating sculptures, photography, and different painting techniques. By leading you through the lives of celebrated artists, visiting modern galleries, and helping you enjoy the beauty of statues, this book will encourage your artistic taste to develop.

by Fiona MacDonald

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Design is all around us, from the buildings we live in, to the clothes we wear. In fact, everything that has been made by hand or machine has been created for a particular purpose. This could be a timesaving device to make housework easier, or an eye-catching magazine cover to help boost sales. Design looks at buildings, machinery, food, and even religion, to show how shape, structure, and style can improve the way things look and work. This book will also reveal how the power of design can influence people's views, encouraging them to look more closely at its role in the world around them.

History of Culture
by Fiona MacDonald

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Our world is steeped in culture, with a history stretching back thousands of years. Today, the word "culture" is often used to describe different art forms, such as ballet or opera. However, areas such as education, family life, and religion also help to make up the lifestyles and customs of society. History of Culture looks at how people live-their homes, fashions, music, and art, and how particular nations and civilizations develop their own unique blend of rich traditions. With this book, you will be given a global view of culture, looking at its historic beginnings, right through to its impact on modern-day life.

by Antony Mason

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The world of literature is rich, entertaining, and amazingly varied. For thousands of years, people everywhere have written accounts of things they have witnessed and stories they have wanted to tell. Literature explains the origins of these tales, the formation of alphabets, and the creation of the first written words. In this book, you will learn about sacred texts, much-loved children's tales, and discover how the onset of the printing revolution carried literature to all corners of the globe. Today, books remain a key source of information-find out just how publishers use modern technology and traditional skills to produce them.

by Antony Mason

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Music is played, listened to, and loved by people all over the world. Since the beginning of civilization, people have made instruments to create basic rhythm and simple melodies. Today, complex computer technology is able to manipulate sound, providing us with a huge range of different musical styles. Music looks at the history and development of early music, the main categories of instruments-wind, string, and percussion-and the workings of a professional orchestra. This book also provides fascinating insights into the lives and works of famous composers, musicians, and vocalists.

Performing Arts
by Antony Mason

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Performing in front of an audience is an ancient art form dating back thousands of years. This could entail recounting stories, telling simple jokes, singing and dancing, or professional acting on stage. Performing Arts looks at the many aspects of performance, from its humble beginnings in early civilizations through to lavish modern-day opera productions. The importance of the audience, props, and special effects are also highlighted. This book goes on to reveal how the invention of film and television have had a powerful effect on performers and audiences.

by Fiona MacDonald

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All over the world, people are brought together by religion. For thousands of years its unique role has been celebrated in sacred texts, art, music, and architecture. Religion is an accessible guide to the world's religions, tracing their origins and backgrounds from early civilizations, through to modern-day belief and worship. With this book, you can explore different faiths, discover religious celebrations and key events, and become aware of world cultures and the impact of religion on our everyday lives.

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