Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

by Daniel E. Harmon

Andrew Jackson's life reads like something dreamed up by a Hollywood screenwriter. America's seventh chief executive was a stubborn, hotheaded man who, as one historian wrote, "hated and loved and swore with a magnificence beyond all American experience." Andy Jackson's childhood was every bit as colorful as his later life. He grew up poor, uneducated, and fatherless on the Carolina frontier. He joined a patriot militia at age 13, was captured and nearly killed for refusing to shine a British officer's boots, endured a horrific prisoner of war camp, and survived an attack of smallpox. Orphaned, he came into a sizable inheritance-but squandered the money in a few days of gambling. With no way to support himself, he studied law and passed the bar; all before turning 20! This book chronicles the early life of one of America's most fascinating and important presidents.


ISBN 978-1-59084-274-4
6.5 x 9.25 inches
48 pages

Part of the Series: Childhoods of the Presidents

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