The Pharmaceutical Industry: Better Medicine for the 21st Century

by Malinda Miller

Pharmacists and workers in the pharmaceutical industry are responsible for developing, producing, and distributing medicines that treat infectious diseases, prevent, and treat chronic diseases, or help control diseases in animals. Choose a career in the pharmaceutical industry and you could help save millions of lives and allow many people suffering from illness to recover and lead productive lives. The young adults of today will be the job force of tomorrow, so choosing a career that will best fit with the needs of the changing world will be important to job satisfaction and a successful life. With the vast array of career and job options, it will also be important for young adults to understand which work will be the best match for their interests, talents, goals, and personality types. Certain careers are expected to gain importance within the early decades of the twenty-first century. The number of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry as a whole is expected to increase slower than the average for all occupations, but pharmacists are expected to have excellent, job opportunities. A career as a pharmacist will allow you the opportunity to help improve people's health and therefore their lives. A job in the pharmaceutical industry could involve anything from discovering a useful chemical to marketing a new drug. Clearly, the pharmaceutical industry is a huge one, with opportunities for many skills and interests!


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