Understanding the Stock Market

by Helen Thompson

The stock market refers to how pieces of various companies are bought and sold. Investing money means to make money from your money. A share is a piece of the company that you can buy. A corporation is any business that splits itself into different shares. In many ways, it has the same legal rights as a person. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a measure of how thirty large stocks are doing. It serves as a measure for the strength of the rest of the stock market. A bull-market means a time when the stock market is doing well and the values of shares are high, while a bear-market is the opposite. The stock market and the economy are connected; when one is doing well, so is the other. Learn all this and more in Understanding the Stock Market.


ISBN 978-1-4222-1773-3


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64 pages

Part of the Series: Junior Library of Money

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