Filipino Immigration

Filipino Immigration

by Jim Corrigan

Filipinos are the second-largest Asian group in North America behind the Chinese, and the numbers of Filipino immigrants arriving to the U.S. and Canada continue to increase.The island country of the Philippines developed close bonds with the United States during World War II, when Filipino and American soldiers fought together against the Japanese forces. The Filipino achievements in the war led to the naturalization of many Filipino soldiers and their families. In the decades following the war, other major developments led to increased migration, including the Filipinos' overwhelming response to the job demand for nurses and doctors in the U.S., and, by the 1960s, the lifting of national-origin quotas in the U.S. and Canada. Years of poverty and government corruption in the Philippines have created a shadow that looms large over the country today, and is yet another reason why Filipinos choose to resettle in North America. Building on the firm foundation laid down by past generations of Filipino immigrants, the present-day generation arrives to the U.S. and Canada with fewer obstacles in their path.


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