Gay and Lesbian Role Models

Gay and Lesbian Role Models

by Jaime A. Seba

Who do you look up to? Most people have a role model-someone who represents the person they want to be more like, who represents the characteristics they value. Athletes, celebrities, parents, politicians, religious leaders, and even friends can be role models. But many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people don't see people they can relate to in their families, schools, or churches. That makes it so much more important to recognize the contributions of the gay and lesbian role models in the forefront of popular culture today. Learn more about some of the most admired gay and lesbian role models, including the late politician Harvey Milk, Bishop Gene Robinson, Congressman Barney Frank, comedian Ellen DeGeneres, and former NBA player John Amaechi. By taking a stand as leaders in the community, they became role models to LGBT people of all ages around the world.


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