Our Home Planet

by Mason Crest

Find out how our planet came to be, why it rotates even as it spins around the Sun, and what unique characteristics allow life to flourish here. Then take a tour around the Moon, our nearest orbiting neighbor. From pole to pole and everything in between, this book is your guide to Earths place in space. Everything we see, every breath we take, every part of life is tied to Earths special place in the Solar System. Inside, discover why that is true. The entire series called THE SOLAR SYSTEM is your first-class travel guide to the biggest neighborhood you live in, from the Sun to the planets and beyond! Blastoff on a visit to our solar neighborhood and beyond. This series visits all the planets in our Solar System, visits comets that are just passing through, and in Space Exploration, travels into the universe as human beings seek to find out "What's out there." The books are packed with information, stories, photos, artwork, and more, including the latest developments in the always-changing story of exploration and discovery. Each title in THE SOLAR SYSTEM includes color photos throughout, and back matter including an index and other information. Key Icons appear throughout the books in this series in an effort to encourage library readers to build knowledge, gain awareness, explore possibilities, and expand their viewpoints through our content rich nonfiction books. Key Icons in this series are: Educational Videos are offered in chapters through the use of a QR code, that, when scanned, takes the student to an online video showing a moment in history, a speech, or an instructional video. This gives the readers additional content to supplement the text. Nothing But the Facts is an at-a-glance appendix section of additional factual material. The format differs from title to title, but each section provides new information, lists, charts, and more. A Timeline lets readers see the history of the city at a two-page glance, tracking the key events mentioned in the text and putting them into visual historical context. A Words to Understand section is included in the back matter containing terminology used throughout the book. Words found here broaden the readers knowledge and understanding of terms used in this field.


ISBN 978-1-4222-3549-2


ISBN 978-1-4222-8369-1
8.5 x 11 inches
48 pages

Part of the Series: The Solar System

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