The Manning Brothers

by Hal Marcovitz

Peyton and Eli Manning grew up in the culture of football-their father, Archie Manning, was a star quarterback for the NFL's New Orleans Saints during the 1970s. Following in his footsteps, both boys blossomed into top quarterbacks. Peyton starred at the University of Tennessee while Eli broke his father's records at "Ole Miss." In the pros, both Mannings were top draft picks. Peyton has gone on to carve out a Hall of Fame career with the Indianapolis Colts, while Eli is starting to emerge as one of the league's top quarterbacks as he leads the New York Giants. In 2006, Peyton led his team to victory in the Super Bowl, garnering honors as the game's MVP. A year later Eli led the Giants to an upset victory in the Super Bowl while capturing the MVP trophy for himself.


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