Indian Immigration

Indian Immigration

by Jan McDaniel

The people of the Republic of India make up the world's second-largest population, numbering over one billion, yet they live in a country just over one-third the size of the United States. The country's growing population, along with its relatively small land area, has helped lead to overcrowding, extensive poverty, and wide-scale pollution. These conditions, along with the attractive opportunities available in other countries, have compelled many Indians to emigrate. Hailing from a land of many faiths and attitudes, Indian immigrants have made diverse contributions to the national fabrics of Canada and the United States in the areas of religion, philosophy, commerce, fashion, and cuisine. Indian Americans have also made inroads into high-tech fields and other industries. However, immigrants, particularly those arriving with minimal experience and education, still face the threat of being exploited in the North American workplace. With the continued dedication of equal opportunity and employment organizations, along with the many Indian associations of North America working to secure immigrant interests, Indians are likely to continue resettling in the United States and Canada in large numbers.


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