American Idol Profiles Index: Top Finalists from Seasons 1 to 7

American Idol Profiles Index: Top Finalists from Seasons 1 to 7

by Chuck Bednar

American Idol is more than just a TV program. It is a national and international phenomenon. Tens of millions of people tune in each week to see aspiring musicians performing. Viewers know that anyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or background, could become the next big star-perhaps one day it could even be them! Is it any wonder, then, that a show that inspires so many would-be performers to dream big was once called "the most impactful show in the history of television" by NBC television CEO Jeff Zucker? For more than seven years, fans have watched the finalists compete against each other. They've voted for their favorites, cheered when their choices advanced, and sat in anticipation each year as the winner was announced at the end of it all. Of the 82 finalists who were featured during those first seven American Idol seasons, which ones have gone on to stardom? Which ones have struggled? Which ones have been forced to put their musical dreams on hold? Catch up with all of your favorites from the first seven seasons with this American Idol Profiles Index!


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