STEM in Sports: Science

by Jim Gigliotti

Science and sports are coming together to create winning teams around the world, and this book tells that story. Read how scientists are making sports safer and easier to play; how engineers are creating ways for disabled athletes to excel; and how nutritionists are using science to change the way athletes eat to win. From auto racing to baseball, from football to soccer, science has become as big a part of sports as wins and losses. The entire STEM in SPORTS series tells the story of how science, technology, engineering, and math are not just an exciting and innovative part of education, but also part of the winning formula for success in sports. In this series, find out how these fields of study are hard at work on the fields of play.


ISBN 978-1-4222-3233-0


ISBN 978-1-4222-8677-7
7 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches
64 pages

Part of the Series: STEM in Sports

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